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Clutches & Brake Parts

We are leading manufacturer of Clutches & Brake Parts. We have housed variety of brake and clutch parts. Our entire line of products are made using premium quality products. These parts can be made available to our clients in any type and sizes and are offered for any application. Basically we offer two type of Clutches & Brake Parts i.e. Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes and Clutch Plates & Friction Liners.

Clutches & Brake Parts Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes (Dry type): EMCO / PETHE make

These are widely used for special purpose applications in Cranes, Machine tools, textile, printing, medical, packaging etc., Our range is offered under various specifications such as-

AC/DC version voltages 415VAC/24VDCor 190VDC,
Torque Max 2500NM
Types Normally OFF/ Normally ON
Availability Ex-stock or within a week
Brake Motors We also offer Brake Motors fitted with Electromagnetic Brakes with any motor within 2days.

Other types from Ex-stock : Wet Type Electromagnetic Clutches / Brakes: IPE make Electromagnetic wet type clutches & brakes for machine tools like HMT, BFW, COOPER, Kirloskar etc.,

Pneumatic Clutches / Brakes & combination: AIRTORQ make Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes, supplied for high torque applications such as Press Tools

Clutch Plates

Clutches & Brake PartsThese clutch plates for Machines only - NOT FOR AUTOMOBILES. Any type and sizes available for HMT, Kirloskar, Cooper machines etc. Clutch plates are offered for any application and are manufactured with good quality Spring Steel. Also plates are supplied with Sintered copper, brass, friction liners etc.